What are people saying about the IJPA and Schmooze?

    Posted: 2010-12-17 12:10:02

    "IJPA and Schmooze opened up a whole new network of colleagues and expertise, most of them thousands of miles from Amsterdam. As a festival director, I am occupied with tasks such as programming, marketing, funding, audience development, board relations, etc. IJPA membership has provided me with valuable insight into how similar organizations grapple with similar problems, and in some cases I\\\'ve been able to help other colleagues as well. Its great to help each other and, where possible, avert \\\'reinventing the wheel\\\" -Ken Gould, Director, International Jewish Music Festival \\\"2010 was the most successful Schmooze yet! The range and quality of the speakers, and of the talent exhibited, was consistently impressive. Schmooze is a must attend event.\\\" -Bob Goldfarb, Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity \\\"As a creator of Jewish culture, in my many roles as program presenter, singer/songwriter, spiritual leader and writer, I am looking to membership in the IJPA as a way to help me find new venues, organize more economically sane touring schedules and get support to continue on this Jewish journey. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a worthy investment.\\\" -Marge Eiseman, Award-winning Jewish educator \\\"IJPA provides a critically important centralized mechanism for meeting colleagues, sharing ideas, block booking, and above all, seeing whats new in Jewish culture. It takes me away from my desk, off my ipod and brings me face to face with other culture makers and presenters. I need it!\\\" -Lenore D. Naxon, Director, Friend Center for the Arts, Jewish Community Center of San Francisco Hands down it was the most interesting collection of people at any Jewish conference I have been to in the past few years. -Rabbi Irwin Kula, CLAL Schmooze is a very smart conference. The conversation begins at a high level. Schmooze really wrestles with the philosophical issues, beyond how to construct budgets. Yet it gets into the tachlis of how reach our audiences, how do we address our different constituencies. -Marilyn Hassid, Houston JCC “Something quite magical happened when artists and audiences came together in one room to think about and make art together—expanding our understanding of Judaism and Jewish life.” -Rabbi Joy Levitt, Associate Executive Director of JCC in Manhattan “The Schmooze conference provided a unique opportunity for debate and discussion among some of the most creative and inspirational forces in Jewish culture today. The conference granted unusual access to artists, scholars and producers in an informal and intimate setting, as well as numerous opportunities for networking.” -Julie Rossi, Director, Center for the Arts, JCC Metro West “I very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet people who are involved in the Jewish cultural scene. I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and/or be exposed to many artists/administrators/professionals and a new “generation” of Jewish artists whom I had heard about. It was great to meet other professionals in the field and share experiences. -Barrie Keller, Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center It was a great opportunity to scan the landscape of Jewish art and culture. I appreciated the chance to see some of the exciting things happening in the field and to be reminded of the significance Jewish culture can and should play in Jewish life. -Jonathan Horowitz, Jewish Funders Network

Featured Artists

  • Trio C tot de derde
  • The Dutch music group Trio C tot de derde consists of the three young musicians Carel den Hertog (violin), Coos Lettink (accordeon) and Caspar Terra (clarinet). The music they play is inspired by klezmer, music from the Balkans and gypsy-music. They create their own unique sound, performing traditional melodies in a particular and often unexpected way. Since the boy’s enjoy improvisation so much, no musical piece ever sounds twice the same. While improvising, the members of Trio C tot de derde are playfully challenging each other to virtuosity and lyrical sounds. The music they play expresses euphoric happiness, as well as intense sadness, which means music for dancing, but also for dreaming.

  • Rami Kleinstein
  • Rami Kleinstein is known as one of Israel's greatest composers. Rami Kleinstein has often been compared to Elton John and Billy Joel. In 2005 Rami released his latest album, “Harbe Panim” (Many Faces), receiving great reviews and many of its songs penetrated the top of the charts in Israel. In 1997, Rami produced his sixth album entitled "Kol ma She Tirtzi” (Everything You Want) which reached triple platinum after only ten days. This success was no surprise as Rami had already been elected Israeli Radio and Television's "Singer of the Year" in 1995 after his "Tapuchim U’ Tmarim” (Apples and Dates) album reached triple platinum. Rami is also known for composing and arranging music for other singers. ..

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Trio C tot de derde