The Forward 50\'s Arts & Culture Candidates

    Posted: 2010-10-13 16:55:01

    Members of the Schmooze family, friends and colleagues made a strong showing in the annual Forward 50. Among those in the limelight are Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, co-founder of the Jewlicious Festival and popular vote-winner in the Jewish Community Heroes campaign. Other notables include G-dcast Queen Sarah Lefton, author and journalist Jay Michaelson, admired poet and essayist Adam Kirsch, celebrated novelist Dara Horn, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen and rising literary star, Sana Krasikov. IJPA sends props to Schmooze alum Ari Roth, the “ebullient playwright and director of Theater J in Washington, D.C.” The Forward credits Roth with taking “a risk in the aftermath of January’s Israeli military incursion into Gaza: In March, he staged a reading of Caryl Churchill’s Palestinian protest play, “Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza,” at Washington’s Jewish Community Center. After 12 years at Theater J, during which time he consolidated and expanded its quality, reach and repertoire, Roth, 48, is still willing to go out on a limb. Not only did he stage the Churchill play this year — garnering protests — but he had previously staged Motti Lerner’s “Pangs of the Messiah,” about the Israeli settlements, and Hillel Mittelpunkt’s “The Accident,” about Israel’s hypocritical intelligentsia,” the Forward reported. As Roth explained, “I don’t program to offend the Jewish community, but to be in dialogue on issues that are extremely important.”

Featured Artists

  • Trio C tot de derde
  • The Dutch music group Trio C tot de derde consists of the three young musicians Carel den Hertog (violin), Coos Lettink (accordeon) and Caspar Terra (clarinet). The music they play is inspired by klezmer, music from the Balkans and gypsy-music. They create their own unique sound, performing traditional melodies in a particular and often unexpected way. Since the boy’s enjoy improvisation so much, no musical piece ever sounds twice the same. While improvising, the members of Trio C tot de derde are playfully challenging each other to virtuosity and lyrical sounds. The music they play expresses euphoric happiness, as well as intense sadness, which means music for dancing, but also for dreaming.

  • Rami Kleinstein
  • Rami Kleinstein is known as one of Israel's greatest composers. Rami Kleinstein has often been compared to Elton John and Billy Joel. In 2005 Rami released his latest album, “Harbe Panim” (Many Faces), receiving great reviews and many of its songs penetrated the top of the charts in Israel. In 1997, Rami produced his sixth album entitled "Kol ma She Tirtzi” (Everything You Want) which reached triple platinum after only ten days. This success was no surprise as Rami had already been elected Israeli Radio and Television's "Singer of the Year" in 1995 after his "Tapuchim U’ Tmarim” (Apples and Dates) album reached triple platinum. Rami is also known for composing and arranging music for other singers. ..

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Featured Presenters


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Trio C tot de derde