The International Jewish Presenters Association (IJPA) is an integrated Jewish arts network that fosters the growth of Jewish culture by connecting the presenters of culture with the creators, distributors, and agents of music, film and other creative media of Jewish expression. Imagine the power of hundreds of artists, and presenting organizations from over 75 cities around the world having a more efficient platform to expand the audience for Jewish life, culture and the arts. Join IJPA -- The International Jewish Presenters Association

The International Jewish Presenters Association is an outgrowth of the annual Schmooze Conference. A project of Michael Dorf’s Downtown Arts Development, IJPA took shape during a series of discussions at the last few annual gatherings of Schmooze. Together, the Schmooze staff and its advisory board have designed a resource that serves both arts presenters and artists.

In many ways, IJPA is modeled after the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (http://www.artspresenters.org). We represent both nonprofit and for profit presenters, in both major metropolitan and urban areas, as well as presenters in smaller cities, more rural communities, annual festivals at home in the United States and abroad, in Europe, Israel and other parts of the globe. IJPA is also a growing resource for Jewish artists, including performers such as Pharoah’s Daughter

Join the IJPA for as little as $50 for an individual.

Why should you join?

IJPA is a network for engagement, collaboration and innovation. Built on the first four Schmooze Jewish Culture conferences, IJPA is now poised for bigger and better endeavors and services with the launch of an ever-growing online resource.

IJPA members receive invite-only access to the annual Schmooze Conference, ability to post announcements on the IJPA list-serve, access to learning and advocacy advance notice of upcoming special events and opportunities and listings on the IJPA website with active links to both personal and institutional websites. Above all, members become part of a worldwide community of Jewish arts and culture presenters and performers. Join by January 31 to take part in this historic moment as IJPA gets underway. As part of the funding for the IJPA, we turn to members for their individual and organizational support in a range of categories. Each member gets an invitation to the annual SCHMOOZE Conference, a listing on the IJPA website, with contact information, tour alerts and active links to personal or institutional websites. Membership is on an annual basis. Please select the membership category that is most appropriate, and return this form with your check or credit card information.

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