Galeet Dardashtis The Naming

THE NAMING is the exciting new multi-disciplinary work (original music, live dance, video art, storytelling) created by the Persian Jewish vocal innovator, Galeet Dardashti--the driving force behind the popular all-woman Middle Eastern band, Divahn. In THE NAMING, Dardashti draws on the Eastern music deep in her bones to transform the ghostly outlines of Biblical women into full-blown flesh-and-blood personalities. She unites the Persian classical music that made her grandfather a musical icon in Iran, with a deep connection to Jewish poetry and song, to create lush electronica-edged Middle Eastern compositions in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Persian. For Dardashti, the stories of some of the women in her songs also intertwine with her own Iranian family’s tales of women breaking the rules as well as those of women in the Middle East today fighting to have their voices heard; some also echo through her personal story, in her recent transition into motherhood.


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