Chai Notes

Unique to our group is our popular \"hybrid\" blends of Klezmer/Jewish music with classic hits from the American Repertoire - such as our fusion of Oseh Shalom together with Gloria Gaynor\'s \"I Will Survive,\" our fusion of \"Brown Eyed Girl\" played in a Klezmer Bulgar, our version of James Brown\'s \"I Feel Good\" with a Fiddler On The Roof medley, and other hybrids of famous American tunes with songs from Shabbat service and also with songs from the Yiddish Theater etc...Of course, we can also play more \"straight ahead\" Klezmer if that would be preferred. Instrumentation for our septet ensemble is somewhat unique from the traditional Klezmer instrumentation creating a very new and interesting sound, and includes: chromatic and diatonic harmonica, melodica, accordion, clarinet/sax/flute, Latin cajon/percussion, piano, bass, and female vocals.


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