Adrianne Greenbaum

Adrianne Greenbaum is a nationally acclaimed classical and klezmer flutist. As a klezmer she is the founder and leader of the ensemble “FleytMuzik” performing with tsimbl, violin, and bass and of "The Klezical Tradition" klezmer band, performing on both flute and keyboard and leading Yiddish dance. She has been on the faculties of Living Traditions’ KlezKamp, KlezKanada, Klezmerquerque, and Boxwood and presents master classes in the art of klezmer performance to both professional and amateur flutists of all ages and abilities. From playing at the MET and Carnegie and Tully Halls to being Professor at Mount Holyoke College to playing the clubs of New York City, Greenbaum has been at the top of the highly competitive, artistic flute scene for many years. She is defining klezmer flute tradition in the 21st century via combining her skills as a modern flutist with her passion for early music tradition.

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