Eyal Maoz

Bandleader, solo performer and composer Eyal Maoz leads a number of original music ensembles including Edom, Dimyon, and Crazy Slavic Band. He also co-leads the Maoz-Sirkis Duet, the Maoz-Masaoka Duet (with koto player Miya Masaoka) and Hypercolor (with Lukas Ligeti and James Ilgenfritz), and is a guest member of John Zorn’s Cobra. Eyal’s ensembles have performed at major music festivals worldwide such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, NYC 2007 Winter JazzFest, Brooklyn BAM Next Festival, Verizon Jazz Festival, the New York Jewish Music and Heritage Festival, Florida Music Harvest, The Jewzapalooza Festival in NYC and many more. His music was featured in the movies Keepers Of Eden (by Yoram Porath), Israeli’s Cinema History documentary (by Raphael Nadjari) as well as at the MTV show “Undress.” WNYC/NPR recently interviewed him and dedicated a 90-minute program to his music.


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