Rising from poverty and extreme hardship on the streets of Netanya, Axum, composed of Judah (Gilor Yehuda) and Tedross (Reuben Aragai), writes music that reflects the struggles and hardships they went through to make it in Israel. Tedross and Judah story is different, yet similar. Tedross was one of the first Ethiopian-Israelis to be born in the State of Israel, his family emigrating from Ethiopia in 1980, while his mother was pregnant with him. The family struggled with language and financial problems and moved from town to town until they finally settled in Netanya when Tedross was 13. Judah on the other hand was born in Netanya and raised in poverty, ultimately moving out on his own when he was only 16 to try and make it. The duo met each other as teenagers hanging out on the streets of Netanya and each schooled the other on their own musical traditions and backgrounds. From that moment on they were inseparable, giving their full attention to their mutual love of music, and using it to advance themselves out of Netanya to Tel Aviv and better lives.


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