Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander is a New York City based klezmer and jazz drummer, composer, bandleader and educator. His original klezmer/jazz/world music band "Midrash Mish Mosh" has been acclaimed by critics, musicians and fans, and has appeared in respected venues in New York City, (Makor, Knitting Factory, Satalla, Live on WNYC's New Sounds with John Schaefer, and others) as well as Krakow, Poland; Vienna, Austria; and Toronto, Ontario.


Adrianne Greenbaum

Adrianne Greenbaum is a nationally acclaimed classical and klezmer flutist. As a klezmer she is the founder and leader of the ensemble “FleytMuzik” performing with tsimbl, violin, and bass and of "The Klezical Tradition" klezmer band, performing on both flute and keyboard and leading Yiddish dance. She has been on the faculties of Living Traditions’ KlezKamp, KlezKanada, Klezmerquerque, and Boxwood and presents master classes in the art of klezmer performance to both professional and amateur flutists of all ages and abilities. From playing at the MET and Carnegie and Tully Halls to being Professor at Mount Holyoke College to playing the clubs of New York City, Greenbaum has been at the top of the highly competitive, artistic flute scene for many years. She is defining klezmer flute tradition in the 21st century via combining her skills as a modern flutist with her passion for early music tradition.

Adrienne Cooper

Adrienne Cooper is internationally recognized as one of this generations most stellar performers and teachers of Yiddish vocal music. From Carnegie Hall to the famed Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, from Moscow to Jerusalem, she has mesmerized audiences and worked at the heart of the klezmer revival scene, defining a wholly original interpretation of Yiddish song. On her latest CD, Cooper has teamed up with longtime accompanist Marilyn Lerner and a cast of New Yorks finest next generation Jewish musicians, led by clarinetist Michael Winograd. The result: a daring and inventive combination of deep Yiddish soul with fearless innovation rooted in klezmer, jazz, pop and world music.

Afro-Semitic Experience

The Afro-Semitic Experience is an ensemble dedicated to preserving, promoting and expanding the rich cultural and musical heritage of the Jewish and African diaspora. Imagine a band that understands and can present interpretations of music from traditions as rich as Gospel, Klezmer, Nigunim, Spirituals, and Swing and you have the Afro-Semitic Experience. This is a group that is as comfortable playing a freylakh as they are swinging a blues, that knows how to playing either a bulgar or some funk. Multi-cultural soul.


Andy Statman

Had there been a planetarium in 19th-century Galicia, or a kosher deli in Depression-era Kentucky, Andy Statman's music might have been playing in the background. Meandering through time, geography and culture in a few passionate, organic gusts of music, neither the man nor his inimitable hybrid sound has a very clearly defined "before" or "after." Statman, one of his generation's premier mandolinists and clarinetists thinks of his compositions as "a spontaneous, American-roots form of very personal, prayerful hasidic music, by way of avant-garde jazz." This small, modest man takes for granted that a performer might embody several worlds in his art, and seems not to recognize that his music, like his story, is extraordinary.


Anthony Coleman

Anthony Coleman is a composer-keyboardist who has performed and recorded throughout the world. One of the mainstays of the New York avant-garde since 1978, Anthony Coleman has worked with every major name in the downtown scene and more. A brilliant player, composer and critical thinker, his projects are some of the most consistently interesting and radical around. Long overdue, this CD of classically based chamber works sheds new light on this misunderstood musical master, and contains intimate solo pieces and large ensemble compositions that will stimulate, delight and confuse even the most experienced listener.


Asaf Avidan & the Mojos

As we continue to tread our winding path, we cross upon many a folk from all the outstretching corners and aspects of this strange and beautiful profession. On rare occasions, these brief flings grow into a full fledged relationship. We are lucky and thankful to share the skills and experience of our growing band of brothers and sisters! Roie, Ori, Avisar, Ronen, Rotem, Liran, Mikey, Idan, Yochai, Marion, Klaus, and our ever-expanding galaxy of promoters, labels & other planets... thank you all for all your hard work and contribution to the Mojo-cause!


Atzilut: Concerts for Peace

Atzilut is a a ten-member high-energy Middle Eastern ensemble that features Arab and Jewish musicians in concert together to make a powerful statement for peace through shared music. No speeches needed – the music itself is the message! This project exemplifies the potential for artistic collaboration and shared creativity that emerges when musicians representing two traditions with common roots, overcome conflict to celebrate hope and trust through music. The resulting musical collaboration is infectious, joyous, deep. sweet and passionate. The performance becomes an inspiring statement of the triumph of shared creativity over despair. The sharing of cultures in mutual respect is part of the ideal human family!


A wild klezmer/rock fusion by this crazed band of Paris-born punk rockers. Led by the extraordinary young guitarist David Konopnicki, Autoryno hits with a hard-edged sound and an exciting musical imagination. Full of youthful energy, massive guitar and centered by a powerful beat, they present eleven instrumentals that combine the power of rock with a taste of Jewish tradition. With Eyal Maoz, Jon Madof, Yoshie Fruchter and a handful of others, David is spearheading a New Jewish Rock Music that has passion, intensity, honesty and a fresh open sound.



Rising from poverty and extreme hardship on the streets of Netanya, Axum, composed of Judah (Gilor Yehuda) and Tedross (Reuben Aragai), writes music that reflects the struggles and hardships they went through to make it in Israel. Tedross and Judah story is different, yet similar. Tedross was one of the first Ethiopian-Israelis to be born in the State of Israel, his family emigrating from Ethiopia in 1980, while his mother was pregnant with him. The family struggled with language and financial problems and moved from town to town until they finally settled in Netanya when Tedross was 13. Judah on the other hand was born in Netanya and raised in poverty, ultimately moving out on his own when he was only 16 to try and make it. The duo met each other as teenagers hanging out on the streets of Netanya and each schooled the other on their own musical traditions and backgrounds. From that moment on they were inseparable, giving their full attention to their mutual love of music, and using it to advance themselves out of Netanya to Tel Aviv and better lives.


Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Ayelet is a member of Mycale - an all-female acapella group, commissioned by John Zorn to arrange, perform and record 11 compositions from his Book of Angels, Masada Book II. Their CD Mycale: Mycale, Book of Angels Vol 13 is now available in stores and online worldwide! The quartet features three additional phenomenal vocalists and musicians - Basya Schechter, Sofia Koutsovitis & Malika Zarra!


Balkan Beat Box

With a group of musicians rotating around the Israel-born New Yorkers Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat, Balkan Beat Box plays Mediterranean-influenced music that incorporates traditions from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and New York electronica. Both men had plenty of experience playing in various eclectic bands before starting BBB: saxophonist Kaplan came to the U.S. to play jazz but soon fell into the underground, immigrant-driven scene, hooking up with Gogol Bordello and others, while percussionist Muskat played in Firewater for a while as well as flexing his production muscles (which he also uses with BBB) in projects with Gogol Bordello among others.


Basya Schechter aka Pharaohs Daughter

Blending a psychedelic sensibility and a pan-Mediterranean sensuality, Basya Schechter leads her band, Pharaoh\'s Daughter, through swirling Hasidic chants, Mizrachi and Sephardi folk-rock, and spiritual stylings filtered through percussion, flute, strings and electronica. Her sound has been cultivated by her Hasidic music background and a series of trips to the Middle East, Africa, Israel, Egypt, Central Africa, Turkey, Kurdistan and Greece.


Ben Goldberg

Clarinetist / Composer Ben Goldberg grew up in Denver, Colorado. He received his undergraduate music degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master of Arts in Composition from Mills College. He was a pupil of the eminent clarinetist Rosario Mazzeo, and studied with Steve Lacy and Joe Lovano. In addition to composing for and playing in the Ben Goldberg Quintet, he currently performs in the following groups: Tin Hat; plays monk, a trio with Scott Amendola and Devin Hoff; Myra Melford’s Be Bread; Nels Cline’s New Monastery; and Go Home, a new quartet with Charlie Hunter, Ron Miles, and Scott Amendola.

Ben Perowsky

One of the most accomplished drummers of his generation, Ben Perowsky’s notable career has placed him among a small vanguard of players able to move between jazz, experimental music and cutting edge pop and rock. Ben began his early performing life with jazz legend James Moody, pop songstress Rickie Lee Jones and R&B star Roy Ayers. He went on to tour and record with Miles Davis’ sidemen Bob Berg, Mike Stern and later John Scofield.


Borah Bergman

Bergman learned clarinet as a child, and did not commence studies on piano until adulthood. He developed his left hand playing to the point where he became essentially ambidextrous as a pianist, and can play equally fast in both hands. He recorded four albums as a soloist before embarking on several duo and trio albums in the 1990s and 2000s.


Boris Malkovsky

He\'s a composer, pianist, arranger, producer, musicologist and master of the classical button accordion, the bayan. Boris Malkovsky\'s compositions vibrantly reflect the broad scope of his experience, weaving together Jewish, classical, Gypsy and jazz elements to create a challenging, uplifting, moving and humorous musical journey that propels the listener along a road full of surprising twists and turns. Born in Odessa, Ukraine he started to study piano at the age of 4. By the age of 17 he was performing as a jazz pianist. In 1991 he moved to Tel-Aviv. He has recorded over 30 albums, composed music for over 50 theater projects and performed at jazz, world music, folk and classical festivals around the world, proof that his musical vision speaks a universal language.


Brian Katz

Brian Katz is an internationally acclaimed guitarist, pianist, recording artist, improviser, composer, and music educator. As a performer and composer, he is noted for bringing classical and world music influences to modern jazz and Jewish music, and is highly regarded as a “free” music improviser, where he blends many of his influences into coherent musical statements. He holds Mus. Bach. and Mus. M. degrees (Music Education) from the University of Toronto, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics Certification—a method of education exploring the intrinsic relationships between music and movement— from Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Brian also studied jazz at Humber College in Toronto, composition and classical guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and various subjects at York University, Toronto. Brian has taught music in a variety of settings—from pre-school to university— for over 25 years. His major mentors have included the innovative Canadian musician-composer, Fred Stone, guitarists Eli Kassner, Ralph Towner and Norbert Kraft, South Indian drumming virtuoso Trichy Sankaran, pianist/improvising virtuoso, Casey Sokol and the late great composition teacher, Sam Dolin.



"It's big. It's loud. It's Can!!Can." Featuring guitarist/vocalist Mary Collins, drummer/vocalist Josh Lamar and vocalist/vocalist Patrick A, Can!!Can's epic sound is electrifying. It's not often that a heavy rock band from the deep South throws around dance-worthy singles referencing the Tower of Babel, lucid dreaming and "Gonzo" escapades through the Southwest. But then again, there has never been a band like Can!!Can before.


Chai Notes

Unique to our group is our popular \"hybrid\" blends of Klezmer/Jewish music with classic hits from the American Repertoire - such as our fusion of Oseh Shalom together with Gloria Gaynor\'s \"I Will Survive,\" our fusion of \"Brown Eyed Girl\" played in a Klezmer Bulgar, our version of James Brown\'s \"I Feel Good\" with a Fiddler On The Roof medley, and other hybrids of famous American tunes with songs from Shabbat service and also with songs from the Yiddish Theater etc...Of course, we can also play more \"straight ahead\" Klezmer if that would be preferred. Instrumentation for our septet ensemble is somewhat unique from the traditional Klezmer instrumentation creating a very new and interesting sound, and includes: chromatic and diatonic harmonica, melodica, accordion, clarinet/sax/flute, Latin cajon/percussion, piano, bass, and female vocals.


Chana Rothman

Canadian-raised, Brooklyn-and-Philadelphia-based Rothman approaches music as a dialogue. “It’s two-way,” she explains, “We each have a role to play in creating the dynamic.” Rothmans music, using two languages and ancient texts to address social ills and joys of today, brings a universal appeal. “Rothmans music bubbles with a conscious vibe that’s capable of bringing people together,” writes Richard Antone of Elmore Magazine, “She is adept at using religious imagery and bilingual lyrics as a bridge rather than a wedge.” Chana Rothmans tunes, born of her native Canada, Himalayan trekking, adventures in Israel, and current muse, the New York City subways, have earned a growing pile of accolades.


Charming Hostess

Charming Hostess is now working on The Bowls Project, a performance installation based on sex, magic and the apocalypse in Babylonian Jewish amulets. Incantation bowls were inscribed with a householder’s secrets and desires, then buried under the home. The texts speak of mysticism and sex; angels and demons; and the trials and joys of love and sex. Especially audible are the voices of women--their work, hopes, and dreams. The Bowls Project offers a visceral, personal connection to daily life 1500 years ago in the region now known as Iraq.


Chava Alberstein

Alberstein is undoubtedly Israel\'s most accomplished singer, having released over 60 recordings since the late 1960\'s, many of them now gold or platinum. Alberstein is Israel; her development as an artist mirrors Israel\'s development as a country; her growing pains are Israel\'s growing pains. Alberstein and Israel are even the same age and they both share a tiny but powerful stature. But Chava Alberstein sees herself as much as a singer of the world as just a singer of her beloved Israel.


Clare Burson

Of her musical objectives, indie songstress Clare Burson explains, “I’ve always leaned towards poetic simplicity and subtlety in my music—wanting to express as much as I can with the fewest possible words and musical flourishes.” This desire for melodic minimalism is evident in her critically acclaimed releases, THE IN-BETWEEN, IDAHO, and THIEVES, each of which is marked by evocative imagery, subtle metaphor, and effortless harmonies. A classically trained violinist, and later, conversant in Bluegrass, Celtic and Klezmer fiddle tunes, Burson began playing guitar while studying history at Brown University. After college and a year in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar, Burson spent two years in Boston before returning to Nashville. During her time in Tennessee, Irish singer Maura O’Connell chose to record Clare’s song ‘Hold On’ from The In-Between for her 2004 Sugar Hill release, Don’t I Know. Tracks from The In-Between were also featured on the ABC dramas, Six Degrees and Big Shots, and on Dawson’s Creek. Currently, Clare lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Czech Cellist František Brikcius

Czech Cellist Frantisek Brikcius plays a George Kriwalski cello made in the 1904. He is together with his sister Anna Brikcius, founding member of the Duo Brikcius. He chose to dedicate his life to the interpretation of cello compositions written by composers of the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, with special consideration given to compositions for cello solo. He also allows himself time to concentrate on works by Czech, Terezin - Jewish and contemporary composers.


Dan Kaufman

Describing himself as the sounds of freedom, Dan Kaufman is a musician who loves to play.


Daniel Zamir

Zamir was born to a secular family and started playing the saxophone at the age of twelve. He is a graduate of Thelma-Yellin high school of arts in Israel. After he finished his studies he was discharged from the Israel Defense Forces due to his low weight and left for New York, where he began showing interest in Jewish, Hasidic and East European music. He completed his studies at New School in 2002. In New York he was discovered by the Jewish composer-saxophonist John Zorn, who signed him to a contract in his recording label \\\"Tzadik\\\".


Daphna Sadeh & the Voyagers

The Voyagers were formed by Daphna Sadeh in 2003 and are based in London. The band features a range of established world music and jazz recording artists in her line up. All of them with a back catalog of their own work, these musicians are intensely active in the UK music scene.


David Broza

David Buchbinder

David Buchbinder creates music for performance, recordings, stage and screen, plays the trumpet, leads numerous ensembles, and produces large-scale artistic projects. In everything that he does the common denominator is a driving dynamic of joyous expression. He has been known to collaborate with musicians, directors, writers, choreographers (and event planners) in the creation of the perfect score (or event), meeting the requirements of each project with originality and flair.


David Buchbinders Odessa/Havana

Odessa/Havana is a high-powered collision of two great musical styles predated but not predicted by the Jewish-fueled, American Mambo craze of the 1950s. Working from the roots of each tradition and finding many areas of sonic commonality, Buchbinder and Duran have crafted a sound that is unique and compelling, challenging listeners comfortable genre preconceptions. This is as about as far from Fiddler on the Roof meets Desi Arnaz as you can get!


David Chevan

David Chevan is a rare individual in the music world. An active bassist and composer, he is involved in some of the most dynamic and musically exciting jazz projects in Southern Connecticut. In addition to his busy performance schedule, Chevan also holds a Ph.D. in jazz history and is a full-time professor of music at Southern Connecticut State University. His research on early jazz has radically altered the views of many colleagues--his discovery that certain copyright deposits by Louis Armstrong contained hitherto unheard music as well as a fully notated solo that had always been assumed to be an improvisation briefly created a controversy (for those interested in learning more about this see Chapter 6 of David\'s dissertation, \"Written Music in Early Jazz\").


David Krakauer

Internationally acclaimed clarinetist DAVID KRAKAUER redefines the notion of a concert artist. Known for his mastery of myriad styles including classical chamber music, Eastern European Jewish klezmer music, and avant-garde improvisation, Krakauer lies way beyond “cross-over”. His best-selling classical and klezmer recordings further define his brilliant tone, virtuosity and imagination.


David Solid Gould & the Temple Rockers

David Gould was born in Hempstead, NY and grew up in Merrick. He studied trumpet from 2nd-8th grade in the school band and took up piano on his own at 13. When he was 15, he started teaching himself the electric bass. David spent most of his formative years listening to his parents\\\' records from the 1950\\\'s (do-op and pop music) and the sounds of classic rock (Led Zep, The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, etc.).


David Taylor

Receiving B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Juilliard School of Music, David Taylor started his playing career as a member of American Symphony Orchestra, and by appearing with the New York Philharmonic under Pierre Boulez. Almost Simultaneously, he was a member of the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis jazz band, and recorded with Duke Ellington (The New Orleans Suite), The Joe Henderson Big Band, The Rolling Stones, and Blood Sweat and Tears.



Davka has been striving since its inception to create a new instrumental Jewish music based on the major musical influences of the modern Jewish world; klezmer/Yiddish music, Middle-Eastern/Sephardic music, Western classical music, and elements of American jazz and pop music.



DeLeon plays 15th Century Spanish indie rock infused with the deeply mysterious and entrancing cadences of the ancient Sephardic tradition. DeLeon’s intricate sound has been a long time in the making. Their music, birthed in Spain before the Inquisition and raised in pre-WWII Italy, has finally reached maturity in modern-day Brooklyn. The band, named for 12th Century Kabalistic philosopher Moses Deleon and front man Daniel Saks’ great-grandfather Giorgio Deleon, was conceived to reconcile Saks’ cultural journey with modern influences. By re-imagining these ancient melodies as contemporary pieces, DeLeon has given the world at large a unique chance to experience the rich musical history of Sephardic Judaism.


Di Gojim

Di Gojim (\"The non-Jews\") combines the artistry of Western classical music and the power of the East European ethnic and Jewish tradition. With musicians from varied musical backgrounds (jazz, folk, classical and brass band), Di Gojim is a recognized leader Europe’s Klezmer revival. Founded in 1988, the group\'s distinctive brand of Yiddish vocal and instrumental music in a theatrical setting has captivated audiences in Europe further afield, including at Yale Strom’s “Eldridge Street Project” in New York City. Di Gojim\'s performance at the International Klezmer Festival of Sefad (Israel) earned them critical acclaim as the best klezmer of the festival.


Di Tsvey

Di Tsvey features the traditional pairing of the violin and tsimbl (Jewish hammered dulcimer) as rendered by two of the world\'s leading masters of klezmer music. The duo of Steven Greenman (violin) and Pete Rushefsky (tsimbl) perform traditional klezmer as well as new compositions that are rooted in the traditional forms of 19th and early 20th century Europe. With playful and delicate musical interaction the groups combination of artistry and soulfulness has enthralled audiences across North America and Europe. For this special Ashkenaz presentation the duo will lead a student ensemble of local string players through a set of virtuosi showpieces, lively dance tunes, and soulful nigunim, learned over three days of intensive morning workshops.

Doni Zasloff Thomas and The Mama Doni Band

Mama Doni, a.k.a. Doni Zasloff Thomas, is a mom, music teacher, songwriter, and lead singer in The Mama Doni Band, winner of the 2008 Simcha Award for “Inspiring Joy Through Music,” in competition with more than 100 bands from 15 different countries at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam, Holland. She was invited back to Amsterdam the next year in 2009 to perform a concert and conduct a workshop. Immersed in Jewish life and music since childhood, Doni grew up on the Washington DC area, attending The Hebrew Day Institute and The Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. She then moved to Philadelphia and finished high school at Akiba Academy. She attended Camp Ramah, Camp Judea, Camp Moshava, and Camp Bnai Brith where she was drama/dance counselor. Through high school she was a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor and Hebrew School teacher, she then went to Brandeis University and NYU, where she earned a degree in Educational Theatre and Performing Arts. Pursuing a career in children\'s media and marketing, Doni was creative director for an award winning, pioneering children\'s media company for more than seven years.


Duo Bilitis

Duo Bilitis has made a name for themselves since their establishment in 2004, by their remarkable line-up, captivating and talked-about program, and intense interplay. Besides their passion for the same instrument, the harpists Eva Tebbe and Ekaterina Levental also share a musical mentality; they gladly seek new adventures and avoid concessions and compromises. Ekaterina Levetal\'s double-role as harpist and mezzo-soprano, gives the duo a unique position within chamber music circles both at home and abroad. The duo has performed at renowned venues and won the International Chamber Music Competition in Almere, Holland as well as the fifth edition of the Uitmarkt Chamber Music Competition in Amsterdam.


Eastern Watershed

Eastern Watershed plays minor mode therapy music - Klezmer with touches of Balkan and Middle East flavor. Repertoire also includes polkas, swing and other popular dance tunes. Whether strolling or performing on a concert stage, the group creates an energetic and sometimes whimsical appeal for all ages.


Elaine Hoffman Watts & Susan Watts

Elaine Hoffman Watts is a third-generation klezmer musician, scion of the great Philadelphia Hoffman family of klezmorim, and the 2007 recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellowship Award. The first woman percussionist to be accepted at Curtis Institute, from which she graduated in 1954. Watts has performed and taught for more than forty years, working in symphonies, theaters, and schools. Despite her considerable skills and family heritage, in her youth Ms. Watts was seldom given opportunities to perform, as many klezmer bands in the 1940s (and beyond) didn\'t want to employ a woman, even the great Jacob Hoffman\'s daughter.

Erik Friedlander

Friedlander started studying music at an early age, beginning at age 5 with folk guitar and then, at age 8, cello lessons. He grew up in a house filled with music as his father, an avid music lover, made countless mix tapes. Erik\'s desire to actively participate in the swirl of music styles he grew accustom to hearing led him to find new ways to play the cello. His compositions and his improvising style attempt to blend the traditions of classical and popular music styles with an always evolving vision of what a cellist can be pushed to accomplish.


Ewelina Nowicka & Pola Lazar

Composer & violinist Ewelina Nowicka and pianist Pola Lazar are young Polish artists who, inspired by a deep interest in Jewish culture, have collaborated for the past 10 years on numerous Jewish themed projects. These include Ewelina’s compositions “Kaddish 1944” (Jugend Komponiertpreis), “Concerto Ebraico” (Bremer Composition Prize), and performance of music by Jewish composers including Bloch, Rubinstein, Schulhoff as well as lesser-known Polish works. They are magna cum laude graduates from their respective conservatories – Pola from Gdansk and Brussels, Ewelina from Hamburg and Bremen. They have recorded for Polish Radio and the Academy of Music in Gdansk, and both have successful solo carriers as laureates of international competitions.


Eyal Maoz

Bandleader, solo performer and composer Eyal Maoz leads a number of original music ensembles including Edom, Dimyon, and Crazy Slavic Band. He also co-leads the Maoz-Sirkis Duet, the Maoz-Masaoka Duet (with koto player Miya Masaoka) and Hypercolor (with Lukas Ligeti and James Ilgenfritz), and is a guest member of John Zorn’s Cobra. Eyal’s ensembles have performed at major music festivals worldwide such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, NYC 2007 Winter JazzFest, Brooklyn BAM Next Festival, Verizon Jazz Festival, the New York Jewish Music and Heritage Festival, Florida Music Harvest, The Jewzapalooza Festival in NYC and many more. His music was featured in the movies Keepers Of Eden (by Yoram Porath), Israeli’s Cinema History documentary (by Raphael Nadjari) as well as at the MTV show “Undress.” WNYC/NPR recently interviewed him and dedicated a 90-minute program to his music.


Fima Ephron

Born in London, England, my family moved to New York at the age of three, I started playing bass at age thirteen. By the age of fourteen, I began playing professionally. I attended Music and Art High School, Queens Collage, and New York University.


Fogel & the Sheriffs

Having explored Holy Land Poetic Visions trough the lens of Hassidic Porn & the Loving Erection of the Soul with Pissuk Rachav (see below), this here musical family are back in town, eager to draw our instruments, with our brand new Album Exorcism as humble offering to the path of Awareness & Inspiration, and as always, dedicating all we play, sing or say to the grand LandLord of all Souls. We suggest everybody try & work out their own salvation with diligence, and hope, dear friends, all of us will be Blessed with Peace, tranquility, Goodwill & Love Abounding...


Frank London\'s Klezmer Brass All-Stars

Trumpeter/composer FRANK LONDON is a member of the Klezmatics, Hasidic New Wave, has performed with John Zorn, LL Cool J, Mel Torme, Lester Bowieπs Brass Fantasy, LaMonte Young, They Might Be Giants, David Byrne, Jane Siberry, Ben Folds 5, Mark Ribot, Maurice El Medioni and Gal Costa, and is featured on over 100 CDs.


Gabriel Coen

Born in Rome in 1970, Gabriele Coen graduated in saxophone at the “Conservatorio Morlacchi\" in Perugia and specialized in \"Jazz and contemporary derivations\" at the \"Siena Jazz Association\". MA graduated in Political Science at the “Università La Sapienza” in Rome with a thesis on the “Jewish influence in the creation of Spanish modern identity”.


Galeet Dardashti and Divahn

Iranian-descended singer Galeet Dardashti leads Divahn\\\'s edgy all-female power-house ensemble. The group has engendered an international following, performing in venues ranging from international concert halls to the most prestigious clubs in NYC. Infusing traditional and original Middle Eastern Jewish songs with sophisticated harmonies, entrancing improvisations, and funky arrangements, Divahn\\\'s thrilling live shows feature lush string arrangements, eclectic Indian, Middle Eastern, and Latin percussion.


Galeet Dardashtis The Naming

THE NAMING is the exciting new multi-disciplinary work (original music, live dance, video art, storytelling) created by the Persian Jewish vocal innovator, Galeet Dardashti--the driving force behind the popular all-woman Middle Eastern band, Divahn. In THE NAMING, Dardashti draws on the Eastern music deep in her bones to transform the ghostly outlines of Biblical women into full-blown flesh-and-blood personalities. She unites the Persian classical music that made her grandfather a musical icon in Iran, with a deep connection to Jewish poetry and song, to create lush electronica-edged Middle Eastern compositions in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Persian. For Dardashti, the stories of some of the women in her songs also intertwine with her own Iranian family’s tales of women breaking the rules as well as those of women in the Middle East today fighting to have their voices heard; some also echo through her personal story, in her recent transition into motherhood.


Gary Lucas

Gary Lucas tours the world relentlessly both solo and with several different ensembles, including his longtime band Gods and Monsters, whose ranks once included the late singer Jeff Buckley. Gary co-wrote two of Jeff Buckley’s most famous hits, “Grace” and “Mojo Pin”, which later became the title track and the opening track on Jeff’s double platinum Sony album “Grace”—which MOJO magazine recently named the #1 Modern Classic Rock Album.


Geoff Berner

Vancouver singer-songwriter-accordion player Geoff Berner has garnered critical acclaim and a fast-growing cult following for his sharp songwriting and cabaret performance style. His latest album, Klezmer Mongrels,is a klezmer-punk-folk-dance album full of subversive satire and tongue-in-cheek songcraft. Having completed his \"Whiskey Rabbi\" CD trilogy, Berner is now exploring new directions doubling his trio to a sextet and enlisting Montreal Yiddish beat scientist Socalled to produce his next CD. Ashkenaz audiences will hear a preview of Berners new sound and repertoire.


Girls in Trouble

For Girls In Trouble\'s self-titled debut, Alicia recruited Aaron Hartman of Old Time Relijun (K Records) to play upright bass, Tim Monaghan to play drums, and Jascha Hoffman to play piano, keyboards, and vibraphone. They headed down to rural North Carolina and recorded with master analog engineer Scott Solter (Spoon, The Mountain Goats). Alicia arranged and performed all the string parts, as well as guitar and vocal harmonies.



This “Gypsy-punk gem” (SPIN) is fronted by Annette Ezekiel-Kogan - singer, accordionist, and 5-foot powerhouse, with vocalist / tambourinist Aaron Diskin, violin virtuoso Alicia Jo Rabins, trombonist Curtis Hasselbring, upright bassist Taylor Bergren-Chrisman, and drummer Tim Monaghan, Golem’s sound evokes wisps of old-world elegance filtered through the successes and disappointments of new-world dreams. Spending nights in Lower East Side immigrant-owned bagel shops and summers in Eastern Europe, Annette delightfully collects Jewish, Gypsy, and Slavic folk songs, adding, editing, and rearranging them along the way. These are the songs to which her Eastern European grandparents danced over a century ago, and now Golem has its fans dancing to the same boisterous beats.


Good for the Jews

Rob Tannenbaum was described as “snarky” by the Village Voice, “snarky” by New York Magazine and “diminutive” by the Boston Globe. His song “It’s Good To Be A Jew At Christmas” appeared on the 2005 Shout Factory CD Now That Sounds Kosher, alongside songs by Mel Brooks, Tom Lehrer, and Kinky Friedman. He earned his first theatrical credit for helping John Leguizamo write “Sexaholix,” a Tony-nominated Broadway comedy; was interviewed by Terry Gross of NPR for a “Fresh Air” segment; has performed at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal; and was named one of “New York’s Best Emerging Jewish Artists” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in 2006. The music editor of Blender magazine and a member of the Jewish-owned media elite, he appears frequently on VH1, and created and starred in the VH1 special “So Jewtastic.” Like a pork chop, he’s bad to the bone.


Greg Wall

Yes, you can have it all! The ultimate in high energy dance music- real New York jazz, classic Rock, R&B and Big Band swing,together with exciting ethnic styles, performed by world class performing artists. Now the choice is easy: Greg Wall and his Dance Band. Leader Greg Wall, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, and a jazz faculty member of Rutgers University, has performed at countless venues and festivals all over the world, and is featured on many recordings of jazz,R&B and world music. Greg has put together a “Musical Dream Team” of virtuoso musicians, each one an acclaimed recording artist as well. It’s no wonder that many of the Dance Band\'s’ clients have been music professionals, artists, party planners,and just plain music lovers.


Is Real! Project

Members of the Is...Real! Project orchestra met in the band Fourtissimo in 2008 and are multiple award winners. In a short time they have become the leading Hungarian ensemble for the performance of authentic crossover/Jewish/world music. Their music reflects the artists’ backgrounds, mixing stylistic characteristics of their Jewish roots with a complete classical music education and 15 years of experience. The contemporary listener will be moved by the passionate melodies, bittersweet Latin ballads, thousand-years-old liturgical songs, combined in unique Judeo/folk/rock arrangements.


Isle of Klezbos

Isle of Klezbos first emerged as an organic offshoot of New York's Metropolitan Klezmer. Formed in 1998, the frolicsome six-piece women's band soon became an acclaimed, dancing-in-the-aisles hit at a wide variety of venues from coast to coast, and made their European debut as the final feature for Vienna's first KlezMORE festival. A versatile, neo-traditional ensemble, the group plays imaginative versions of eclectic Eastern European-rooted Jewish folk music, Yiddish swing and tango, plus an ever-expanding repertoire of vibrant originals.



A high-energy acoustic guitar duo, merging Mediterranean-Gypsy music with Jazz mentality and Rock attitude. Isra-Alien is a band with innovative compositions and imaginative arrangements - deeply rooted in Israel\'s diverse musical traditions. This duo was born through many years of musical collaborations and ongoing discussion about various musical concepts. The result is a unique fusing of a myriad of musical traditions (Greek, Balkan, Eastern-European, and Jewish/Klezmer), with daring improvisations and inventive textures, showcasing both guitarists’ musical worlds.


Jaffa Road

Jaffa Road is an acclaimed Toronto-based world music group made up of some of Canada’s most exciting and virtuosic interpreters of inter-cultural music. The group has created a unique sonic landscape that draws easily and organically from the worlds of sacred and secular Jewish songs, Classical Arabic and Indian music, modern jazz, rock, pop, and dub. In doing so, the group creates a union between acoustic and electronic, ancient and modern. Individually and collectively the band members are well known and sought after players nationally and internationally. They have performed and recorded with many influential musicians in the Canadian and International pop, rock, jazz, and world music scenes. Their debut CD “Sun Place” (2009) received wide critical acclaim and a Juno nomination for World music album of the year.


Jamie Saft

Jamie Saft is a keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound engineer and producer living in upstate NY. Saft was born in Flushing Queens, New York in 1971 and is a graduate of both Tufts University and the New England Conservatory of Music. He has performed and recorded with John Zorn, Bobby Previte, Merzbow and many others. He has also written several original film scores including Murderball and God Grew Tired of Us. Saft can be seen playing live in Bobby Previte, Jamie Saft, Skerik - Live in Japan 2003 (DVD - Word Public). In 2006 he also contributed to Bobby Previte\'s Coalition of the Willing.


Jenny Scheinman

Jenny Scheinman is a singer, violin player, composer and arranger. She grew up in the sticks playing folk music with her family, went on to study at Oberlin Conservatory, and has been performing as a violinist/fiddler since she was a teenager. She has taken the #1 Rising Star Violinist title in the Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll and has been listed as one of their Top Ten Overall Violinists for the last five years. In addition, she has garnered numerous high-profile arranging credits with artists such as Lucinda Williams, Bono, Lou Reed and Sean Lennon, and has toured and recorded with Bill Frisell, Norah Jones, Madeleine Peyroux, Nels Cline, Vinicius Cantuaria, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Mark Ribot.



Ex-Rockapella star Sean Altman\'s comedy song concert JEWMONGOUS is \"tuneful and sharply witty\" (Los Angeles Times) and \"bawdy with a wicked modern streak\" (Washington Post), combining \"the tunefulness of the Beatles and the spot-on wit of Tom Lehrer\" (Boston Globe). Altman, who \"writes hilarious and irreverent acoustic rock songs about his awakening Jewish awareness\" (Jerusalem Post), founded Rockapella and led that group through its heyday years on the Emmy-winning PBS-TV series \"Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?\", for which Altman co-wrote the famous theme song. All faiths welcome, especially Jews. Not appropriate for kids unless you\'re training them to be sailors.



Founded in 2002, Jewsers is a klezmer band from Zagreb comprised of four academically educated musicians. Croatian critics have praised them for their innovation, and their popularity with audiences has grown with performances at the Summer Games in Dubrovnik, at street festivals, and in Lisinski Hall. Their music is best described as global klezmer: American, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Eastern European influences, fused with spicy jazz, Gypsy music, Croatian folklore, rock and Latin rhythms, with the added touch of improvisation. In 2003 Anubis Records released their first album Jewbox followed by a live album recorded in 2004 in Novi Sad.

Jim Guttman

From Carnegie Hall to smoky dives, from Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw to the legendary folk music venue Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts, bassist Jim Guttmann has played everything from klezmer to classical — and most styles in between. In a remarkable career spanning more than 30 years, he’s performed with a myriad of groups including the Klezmer Conservatory Band, singers Eartha Kitt and Mark Murphy, the Really Eclectic String Quartet, blues masters Johnny Shines and James Cotton, the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Texas swing legend Tiny Moore, new acoustic music guitar virtuoso Russ Barenberg, the Artie Shaw Orchestra, and many more. Whether he’s swinging a jazz tune, holding down the clave rhythm in an Afro-Cuban song, or nailing a lively sirba with a klezmer band, Guttmann plays with great warmth, sophistication, and flawless time.


John Schott

John Schott is well-known as a guitarist and composer working in the boundaries between jazz and new music. His 14 CDs include Shuffle Play (New World), In These Great Times (Tzadik), and, with TJ Kirk, If Four Was One, which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1996. Current projects include performing internationally with the Paul Dresher Ensemble, a Meet the Composer sponsored commission from the Rova Saxophone Quartet, and a solo guitar CD to be released winter 2002.

John Zorn

John Zorn was born September 2, 1953 in the East Village and has been in touch with the creative environment of downtown New York most of his life. Drawing on his experience in a variety of genres including jazz, rock, hardcore punk, classical, klezmer, film, cartoon, popular and improvised music, Zorn has created an influential body of work that defies academic categories. He has been a central figure in the dowtown scene since 1975, incorporating a wide range of musicians in various compositional formats, his experimental work in rock and jazz with the bands [Naked City, PainKiller and Masada] earning him a large cult following. His work has been recognized through many prestigious awards including the Jewish Cultural Award in the Performing Arts, the William Schuman Award from Columbia University, and most notably, a MacArthur Fellowship.


Jon Madof

With his \'Jewish power trio\' Rashanim, Jon has recorded four full-length CDs for John Zorn\'s Tzadik Records. Rashanim (\'noisemakers\' in Hebrew) combines the power of rock with the spontaneity of improvisation, deep Middle Eastern grooves, and mystical Jewish melodies. The band also includes Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (Cyro Baptista, Anthony Braxton) on bass and Mathias Künzli (Lauryn Hill, Yo-Yo Ma) on drums and percussion. Rashanim performs extensively throughout the US and Europe.


Justyna Steczkowska

With a more than 4-octave vocal range, Justyna Steczkowska is an extremely versatile vocalist, instrumentalist, and composer. Having performed for over 15 years, she does not limit herself to a single musical genre… she is an explorer. Justyna Steczkowska is a performer who, with her voice and music, transports the listener to a magical world of \'alchemy,\' leaving no one unchanged.


Kat Parra

Kat Parra has created new and innovative arrangements of the ancient music of the Spanish Jews incorporating world rhythms from Spain, North Africa, Cuba, Peru, Argentina, and the Caribbean, creating an exotic and passionate sound.


Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble

Keshet Chaim is an American-Israeli contemporary dance troupe dedicated to celebrating the inclusive spirit of Jewish and Israeli culture throughout the world. Founded in 1983 by Artistic Director Eytan Avisar, Keshet Chaim creates, develops and presents original choreography which fuses contemporary Israeli dance with Jewish folk dance traditions from across the Diaspora. Influenced by the multi-ethnic roots of the Jewish movement, music, art, poetry and culture, Keshet Chaim combats prejudice and anti-Semitism through entertainment, community outreach, childrens workshops and dance education. Keshet Chaim \"forges a unique identity…one of the few touring American dance groups committed exclusively to Israeli culture and dance\" according to the LA Daily News.


Klez Dispensers

A full force of creativity, The Klez Dispensers are juicy, fresh and daring. They\'ve been dishing up their signature state-of-the-art, swinging American-style klezmer since their college days. Audiences can\'t get enough of their impeccable arrangements, inspiring improvisations, and engaging repertoire from the early years of klezmer, as well as exciting original compositions. Individually, each Dispenser is an accomplished musician contributing skill, personality and artistry to the group. The blend is tremendous!



Klez-Edge is a new group, an offshoot of Klezmokum, the klezmer, Sephardic, Balkan jazz group put together by composer/pianist Burton Greene back in 1989. Klez-Edge is focused on Jewish, Balkan and other Semitic folk musics that lend themselves to the swinging qualities of new jazz. The material also has that “Balkan Swing” quality--compositions in odd time signatures like 9/8,10/8, 11/8 etc. This has been enhanced with our many sided vocalist Marek Balata. The emphasis here is in extended improvisations and Klez-Edge is a quintet of instrumental music.. Marek’s voice is mainly used as an instrument, both as a soloist and as a blend with the ensemble.


The band KlezmaFour was created in 1999 in Lublin, Poland. Their artistic inspiration is the history of their own city, where at times music traditions from East, West and South have met and mixed. They play songs originating in the Jewish tradition and the Balkan culture, along with their own compositions. Central to their band is the concept of perfect harmony. ‘We want to create music in such a way as to sound like it coming from a single instrument. A skillful, balanced feeling of colors, proportion and dynamics – this has been the goal since our founding.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" A background of hard work and extensive musical education, informed by a mature professionalism and wisdom, helps them realize their goal of ‘perfect harmony’.


Klezmerata Fiorentina

Comprised of three principal players of Florence’s Orchestra del Maggio Musicale, a leading Italian symphony and opera orchestra, Klezmerata Fiorentina was formed in May of 2005 with the purpose of developing a concert version of traditional Ukrainian-Jewish instrumental music, the family heritage of the group’s founder, Igor Polesitsky. The resulting style could be described as improvised Klezmer chamber music, which imbues the unique instrumental language, dance rhythms and authentic melodies of the historical klezmorim with classical music\'s complexity of expression, elasticity of tempo and wide dynamic range. Featuring Igor Polesitsky (violin), Francesco Furlanich (accordion), and Riccardo Donati (bass).


Klingon Klez

Good old-fashioned, heartwarming, rompin’, stompin’, fun-for-the-whole-family klezmer/funk fusion from other planets, played by genuine aliens masquerading as virtuoso musicians! We will rock your situation! We will make you happy!

Koby Israelite

Israelite is a true, multi-genre master, combining his love of Punk, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Drum and Bass, World Music, Avant-Garde, and eastern European roots. He has produced a unique multi genre music that has won him great success, Koby having collaborated with some of the world\'s leading names in different genres: from Madonna to John Zorn, from Taraf de Haifouks to Fanfare Chiocarlia. Israelite has become a multi-instrumentalist, particularly mastering the accordion and drums.


Kohane of Newark

Kohane Of Newark reaches deep. Real deep. The brainchild of composer, provocateur, poet, chanter, guitarist Ricky Orbach, KON can go from a whisper to a scream in a way that a Velvet Underground or Yo La Tengo fan holds dear. \"A significant new voice on the contemporary music scene...a true original\" wrote author critic Seth Rogovoy upon reviewing KON\'s category defying musical opus, \"New Midlife Crisis.\" Word is out that KON\'s live show delivers a full frontal blow to the senses in what The Forward describes as a\"...cholent of angst and wisdom.\" As a young punk rocker in the 1970\'s, Orbach\'s protean performance inspired WNEW DJ to proclaim on the air after seeing his performance at CBGB\'s one night that he had just witnessed, \"New York\'s first and only underground Kosher rocker; catch him at any price.\" Bring KON to your venue and see why guitar giant Gary Lucas calls them \"Killer Jew-Punk / musical manna from heaven...\"all in one fell sonic swoop.


La Mar Enfortuna

Sensuous and lyrical, La Mar Enfortuna is the Sephardic side project from the masterminds of legendary noir rock group Elysian Fields, Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles. La Mar Enfortuna is a modern exploration of lost or forgotten music mostly of the Sephardim from the 11th to the 16th century, with exotic melodies and instruments, songs sung in ladino, arabic, aramaic, spanish, greek, and english; reinvented by Bloedow and Charles, with a sensibility that embraces jazz, folk, rock, Eastern, and Latin musics.



Although their professional and personal paths all led them to Spain, Lafras members hail from Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria and it is their deep roots and a personal connection with their individual cultures that unites them. In addition to Sephardic and Klezmer music, Lafra performs original folk-style tunes with jazz overtones and a heavy dose of instrumental virtuosity.


Lenka Lichtenberg

A veteran of the Toronto Jewish music scene, Prague-born singer, composer and cantorial soloist Lenka Lichtenberg has toured internationally and released a number of highly heralded CDs. For her fourth and most adventurous solo CD project, Lichtenberg has enlisted the talents of a unique assemblage of musicians rooted in diverse musical traditions. From classical Indian, Egyptian, and Middle-Eastern music to North and South American styles, “Free (Fray)” is an adventurous melding of modern Yiddish poetry with global musical influences. Blurring boundaries between styles and traditions, “Free” carves a new space in contemporary world music for Yiddishkayt.


Les Bâtards du Bouche

Formed as a special project via a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, this unique group reignites the quintessentially Jewish tradition of harmonica quartets. Delightfully campy yet musically sophisticated, harmonica quartets featuring the entire harmonica family (bass, chord, chromatic and diatonic) had been hugely popular in the early days of the LP record. Groups such as the Harmonicats, the Harmonica Gang and Harmonica Rascals were a deliciously unavoidable consequence of watching television variety shows or attending Saturday movie matinees. Virtuoso Quebecois harmonica players Levy Bourbonais, Samuel Caron, Jason Rosenblatt and Pascal Veillette delve into an entirely original repertoire of Jewish music fused with the avante garde and Romanian musical traditions.


Levantijns Orkest Alaturka

Levantijns Orkest Alaturka was formed in 2008 by clarinettist Frank Leenhouts, a veteran oud and laouto player from the renowned Dutch Balkan-orchestra Çalgija. With several multi-instrumentalists, Alaturka is an international (Dutch, Russian, Belgian) and versatile ensemble. Alaturka plays music from the Levant: the eastern Mediterranean, with Sephardic song as its central focus point. All of the ensemble members are experienced in diverse musical genres, but their interests and enthusiasm converge in their passion for Middle Eastern and Balkan music.

Lorin Sklamberg

Lorin Sklamberg has been the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning Jewish American roots band the Klezmatics since its founding during the heyday of the alternative music scene in New York’s East Village in the mid 1980s. His work as vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist can be heard on some 50 recordings, solo and in collaboration with such diverse artists as Itzhak Perlman, Don Byron, Uri Caine, Matt Darriau, Frank London, Rob Schwimmer, Jane Siberry, Marc Cohn, Tony Kushner, Moxy Früvous, the Western Wind and, of course, the Klezmatics.


Lubo & Kaba Horo

With its caffeinated mix of energetic, wild Balkan Gypsy songs and urban funk/rock/jazz grooves, musician Lubo Alexandrov\'s band Kaba Horo (raw dance), is a striking collusion between Bulgarian Gypsy and New World musicians. From contagious dance floor rhythms, tinged with earthy camaraderie, to emotional and plaintive evocations of Middle Eastern styles, Kaba Horo\'s versatile repertoire delves into a cauldron of hot, fast and complex sounds. Their passionate, go-for the-throat spirit and energy is a knock out experience. Featuring Lubo Alexandrov (guitar, vocals), Suleyman Ozatilan (vocals, dance, darbuka), Sergiu Popa (accordion), Erik Hove (saxophone), Morgan Moore (bass), and Martin Auguste (drums).


Mames Babegenush

The music of Mames Babegenush is, at the same time, both manic and oozing with melancholy - a fresh blend of klezmer, rock/electronic and nigunim. The Copenhagen-based sextet has existed for 6 years and are now releasing their second album entitled My Heart Aches When The Angels Dance. Mames Babegenush has performed at a wide range of venues and festivals, including Carnegie Hall (New York), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), KlezFiesta (Argentina) and VEGA (support for Gogol Bordello) with musicians like David Krakauer, Socalled and Christian Dawid.


Marc Ribot/Shrek

Downtown guitarist Marc Ribot is a veritable shape-shifting sculptor of wild electrified sonics. Madly skilled in the Hendrixian arts of feedback, wack tunings, exotic scales and crisply shredded notes, Ribot's recordings and performances are often as sensory exhaustive as they are musically satisfying (not a bad thing). Recorded in 1994, Shrek is firmly in the avant garde camp. Over ten tracks, Ribot and Shrek the band (Chris Wood, guitar; Sebastian Steinberg, bass; Christine Bard/Jim Puliese, drums) cause wreck, eschewing identifiably standard song structures for a blurry continuum of multi-layered sounds, skewed rhythms and extraterrestrial transmissions. An intense exercise in wild gravity, Shrek careens madly from the pointillistic Frippertronics of "Forth World" to the grim claustrophobia of "Romance." Well worth the listen-just don't look for a melody.


Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys

Klezmer clarinetist Margot Leverett joins forces with today\'s stars of klezmer and bluegrass to explore the shared musical spirit of two genres literally worlds apart. Appalachian and southern fiddle tunes by Bill Monroe meet klezmer melodies from pre-war Russia and Eastern Europe, some newly discovered. The resulting medleys and improvisations are at once raw, funny, soulful and foot-stomping.


Marty Ehrlich

Marty Ehrlich’s music is celebrated for its lyricism and invention. His creative interests present a view of the musical world that puts the new and the traditional in dynamic play. Considered one of the leading multi-instrumentalists in jazz, he brings a dynamic expressionism to his concerts and musical associations. He began his musical career in St. Louis, Mo. while in high school, performing and recording with the Human Arts Ensemble. He graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music in 1977, where his teachers included George Russell, Jaki Byard, Joseph Maneri, Gunther Schuller, and Joseph Allard.


Matt Temkin\'s Yiddishe Jam Band

Matt Temkin\'s Yiddishe Jam Band is equally at home playing an instrumental concert, backing up a singer or playing a wedding or bar mitzvah. The band\'s core repertoire includes Klezmer music, Yiddish folk and theatre songs, traditional and modern Hasidic music, Israeli Music, and American standards of the last 100 years.


Metropolitan Klezmer

Hailed as “one of the finest American klezmer bands” by Songlines Magazine, METROPOLITAN KLEZMER performs an exhilarating range of musical treasure with astonishing agility and refreshing depth. Formed in 1994, this collaborative adventure of eight exceptional New York musicians combines the best of downtown, classical and world music scenes to create inspired neo-traditional interpretations and compositions around a panoply of eclectic Yiddish repertoire: ethereal trance, rollicking dance, imaginatively-arranged Yiddish swing and tango, plus genre-expanding originals such as klezmer cumbia.


Michael Alpert and Julian Kytasty

A multimedia concert program that brings together two musical traditions, East European Jewish and Ukrainian, which have existed side by side and interacted for centuries, mirroring the complex relationship between the two peoples that have nurtured them. Heirs to the legacy of innumerable folk bards and informed by the spirit of Bártok, Kodály, Stravinsky and other modernist national composers, Michael Alpert and Julian Kytasty continue to enrich their musical heritages with new compositions and arrangements that merge tradition and innovation. Collectively, the duo's work draws sustenance from the deep wellsprings of Ukrainian folk and liturgical song, the virtuosic art of the bandura (Ukrainian lute-harp), and three Jewish musical genres that reached their greatest European flowering on the soil of Ukraine: klezmer music, Yiddish folk song and the music of the Hasidic world. Along with the Jewish cantorial tradition, these preeminent art forms of the Yiddish world historically nourished each other while interacting closely with the diverse musical styles of non-Jewish neighbors. "Night Songs" continues this interaction in a contemporary setting through music, personal tale, commentary, and multimedia projection.

Michael Showalter

Michael is an American comedian, actor, writer, and director. He is one third of the sketch comedy trio Stella. Showalter first came to recognition as a cast member on MTV\'s The State, which aired from 1993 to 1995. He co-wrote (with David Wain) and starred in Wet Hot American Summer (2001) and he wrote, directed, and starred in The Baxter (2005), with Michelle Williams, Justin Theroux and Elizabeth Banks. Both of these movies featured many of his co-stars from The State, and so do several of his other projects. His current project is Michael & Michael Have Issues with Michael Ian Black.


Michael Winograd Trio

A leader in the second generation of the klezmer revival, clarinetist and composer Michael Winograd is considered a modern master of the klezmer clarinet style and has also developed his unique voice in the area of free-jazz with his musical group Infection. He regularly performs with such artists as Socalled, Budowitz, Frank London, Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Kenny Wollesen, Michael Alpert, Alicia Svigals, and the Xylopholks. . The Michael Winograd Trio is completed by bassist/vocalist Benjy Fox-Rosen and accordionist Patrick Farrell.


Miri Hunter Haruach

Acclaimed by BC Touring as \"dynamic, unique and mesmerizing.\" Miri Hunter Haruach is being billed as one of the finest, up and coming folk/spiritual singers America has produced since Joan Baez or Tracy Chapman. Her soothing, crystal clear voice and poetically inspired arrangements display a depth and breadth of range that are earning her a rightful place among the world\'s finest folk singers.



Get ready for a whole new approach to Masada music! Expressive and soulful, Basya Schecter, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Malika Zarra and Sofia Rei Koutsovitis are amongst the most creative vocalists working in the Jewish music scene today. Each the leader of a dynamic band of her own, they come together here in an intimate a cappella setting to interpret eleven songs from John Zorn\'s remarkable Book of Angels. With lyrics in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, French and Arabic drawn from Rumi, Fernando Pessoa, the Hebrew Bible and more, the Masada vocal project is perhaps the most hauntingly beautiful installment in the entire Angels series.


Naftule\'s Dream

The members of Naftuleâs Dream all also perform in Shirim Klezmer Orchestra, a traditional klezmer band that has recorded four albums on the Northeastern and Newport Classic labels.


Nathanson & Coleman

Coleman is a piano and keys player, trombonist and vocalist mainly working within the free improvised and avant-garde jazz scenes in downtown New York during the late 1970s through to the present day. His greatest impact was during the 80s and 90s when he worked with rising avant-garde star John Zorn on such seminal works as Cobra, Kristallnacht, The Big Gundown, Archery and Spillane and helped push forward modern Jewish music into the 21st century.


Ned Rothenberg\'s Sync with Strings

Composer/Performer Ned Rothenberg has been internationally acclaimed for both his solo and ensemble music, presented for the past 30 years in North and South America, Europe and Asia. He performs primarily on the alto saxophone, clarinet , bass clarinet, and the shakuhachi - an endblown Japanese bamboo flute. He leads the trio Sync, with Jerome Harris, guitars and Samir Chatterjee, tabla. Recent recordings include Sync\'s Harbinger, Intervals, a double-cd of solo work, Live at Roulette with Evan Parker and Are You Be and The Fell Clutch on Rothenberg’s Animul label. Chamber music releases include Inner Diaspora and Ghost Stories, on Tzadik and Power Lines on New World. Other collaborators have included Sainkho Namchylak, Paul Dresher, John Zorn, Marc Ribot and Yuji Takahashi.


Nephesh Theatre

Nephesh Theatre was founded in Canada in 1978 then being the only professional Jewish theatre operating there.In 1984 it moved its base to Israel and today has 15 Hebrew plays in its repertory as well as 5 productions in English. These five English productions deal with themes that Israel shares with the Diaspora and tour throughout the world.

Neshama Carlebach

One of the leading superstars in Jewish Entertainment, is continuing the legacy established by her father Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. His deep spirituality and his love of all humanity, filled every song he wrote and touched every person he encountered as he changed the face of Jewish music. Like her father, Neshama’s talent and charisma captivate and endear her to people of all ages and backgrounds as she performs in cities all over the world. Together with her incredible band and often with collaboation with Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir, she continues to both deeply move and entertain as she sings her father’s incomparable melodies, and inspiring original compositions. An event with Neshama will uplift you and bring you the gift of songs that are danceable, singable, and unforgettable.


Nicole Borger & Klezmer 4

Klezmer4 was formed in 2007 with the goal of creating original versions of Jewish Music from the four corners of the world. Their repertoire, in various languages and instrumental themes, demonstrates the diversity of Jewish Music and the influences of the geographical regions where Jews have established themselves. The group has performed in Brazil and abroad, and is now releasing their second CD Klezmeriando - Novas (e Velhas) Can (Klezmering - New (and Old) Songs). They have appeared at Klezfiesta (Buenos Aires), Klezfest (London), and at City Winery (New York). In September, they host the first Klezmer Festival in Brazil - Kleztival.


Omer Klein

What has been called the “Israeli-New York City jazz movement” includes many talented players who have come onto the scene through Smalls, the club and the record label: Omer Avital, Avishai Cohen, Gilad Hekselman, Avi Leibovich and now pianist Omer Klein. He is probably the most ethnic musician in this group. The instrumentation of Klein’s quartet (bassist Avital, drummer Ziv Ravitz, percussionist Itamar Doari) implies jazz, and so does the music’s unrelenting energy. But Klein does not present open platforms for jazz improvisation. His tunes are closed circles. They sound like folk songs for the melting pot of the new millennium, with strong Middle Eastern and African elements.


Oren Ambarchi

Oren Ambarchi is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with longstanding interests in transcending conventional instrumental approaches. His work focuses mainly on the exploration of the guitar, \"re-routing the instrument into a zone of alien abstraction where it’s no longer easily identifiable as itself. Instead, it’s a laboratory for extended sonic investigation\".


Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles

A beautiful modern exploration of Sephardic melodies, creatively arranged by the masterminds of the popular rock group Elysian Fields, Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles. Breathy vocals, exotic instruments and a sensibility that embraces jazz, funk, folk, rock and Latin music blend to make a CD to be enjoyed again and again.


Ori Dakari

Ori grew up In Kfar- Saba, Israel, where he started to play the guitar at the age of 12. After completing his studies at the prestigious Katzanelson High School, he was acknowledged by the Israeli Ministry of culture and the Israeli army an “Outstanding Musician”. He served his army duty as a guitar player. In 2004, Ori received a special scholarship and merit award from the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston. He moved to the US and began study with Jazz masters like Joe Lovano, Hal Crook, Mark Whitefield and others. In 2007 Ori had moved to New York and he is now beginning to enter in the New York scene as a sideman and as a bandleader performing his original music. Ori’s music can be described as deeply rooted in Israeli, East European, Yemenite and North- African music.


Paul Brody

Paul Brody is a remarkable trumpet player, composer, arranger based in Berlin. ...he brought together some of the best players from both the U.S. and Germany to create a new Jewish supergroup. The music combines exciting arrangements, catchy tunes, and compelling solos into another classic of the new Jewish Renaisance....Brody is forging a new Jewish jazz for the 21st Century...


Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro is a Jazz, World, and Klezmer saxophonist from New York. In 1994 he founded the Brooklyn Funk Essentials.


Perry Robinson

Perry Robinson is an American jazz clarinetist and composer. He is the son of the noted composer Earl Robinson.

Pharoah's Daughter

Blending a psychedelic sensibility and a pan-Mediterranean sensuality, Basya Schechter leads her band, Pharaoh's Daughter, through swirling Hasidic chants, Mizrachi and Sephardi folk-rock, and spiritual stylings filtered through percussion, flute, strings and electronica.Her sound has been cultivated by her Hasidic music background and a series of trips to the Middle East, Africa, Israel, Egypt, Central Africa, Turkey, Kurdistan and Greece.


Pissuk Rachav

Pissuk Rachav is an Israeli rock band. The band\'s first album, Eretz Hakodesh (The Holy Land), was released on John Zorn\'s Tzadik record label in 2009. The band\'s style is eclectic, ranging from arabic music to psychedelic rock, and the Hebrew lyrics move between the religious and the sexual.



Pitom is guitarist and composer Yoshie Fruchter\'s musical experiment and exploration into the music that has inspired him. Taking cues from the punk/avante rock aesthetic of bands like Sonic Youth and Frank Zappa and the experimental \"downtown\" Jewish scene, including Zorn and Hassidic New Wave, Pitom rocks you hard - but with class, and both a respect for and disregard of tradition. Pitom is one of those galactic events that has a one-in-a-gazillion chance of happening and actually does: a jazz-punk-country hybrid. The kind of music that could only come from a culture known for wandering.


Rabbinical School Dropouts

The Rabbinical School Dropouts are a 10 piece group from Long Beach, California, who deliberately mismatch their instruments to play kooky Jewish garage jazz with a sick sense of humour. They are part of the Jewish Rennaisance Movement.


Rafi Malkiel

Born in Israel and now based in New York, Rafi Malkiel is a composer/performer of remarkable creativity and versatility. Active for many years as a trombonist in the Latin, jazz and Downtown music scenes he has performed and recorded with Loren Schoenberg, Willie Colon, Reggie Workman and Ray Anderson among many others. Lyrical and edgy, Rafi is joined here by verteran choro master Anat Cohen and a large ensemble of horns and strings for a beautiful program of New Jewish originals. Lush, driving and utterly delightful!


Rami Kleinstein

Rami Kleinstein is known as one of Israel's greatest composers. Rami Kleinstein has often been compared to Elton John and Billy Joel. In 2005 Rami released his latest album, “Harbe Panim” (Many Faces), receiving great reviews and many of its songs penetrated the top of the charts in Israel. In 1997, Rami produced his sixth album entitled "Kol ma She Tirtzi” (Everything You Want) which reached triple platinum after only ten days. This success was no surprise as Rami had already been elected Israeli Radio and Television's "Singer of the Year" in 1995 after his "Tapuchim U’ Tmarim” (Apples and Dates) album reached triple platinum. Rami is also known for composing and arranging music for other singers. ..



Guitarist and composer Jon Madof\'s musical collaborations cover the spectrum of the vibrant New York City music scene, from recordings and sold-out shows with John Zorn and Marc Ribot to genre-busting work alongside Frank London, Matisyahu and others.


Raz Mesinai

Composer, producer and sound alchemist Raz Mesinai makes music at the intersection of Dub and modern composition. As a solo artist and with his ensembles, he creates mythic performances evoking ancient rhythms with electronics, acoustic instruments and turntables. His recordings as Badawi have placed him on the forefront of the experimental electronic scene for over a decade, with remixes contributed by such artists as Kode 9, Shackleton, DJ Spooky and Headhunter, and Badawi remixes of Burning Spear, Arto Lindsay and Shackleton. He’s been a fixture of the downtown New York improvised music scene as well since the late nineties, collaborating with such luminaries as John Zorn, Mark Dresser, Elliott Sharp, DJ Olive and many others.


Red Hot Chachkas

With its singular sound, San Francisco’s Red Hot Chachkas swings, shakes, and serenades. Comprised of multi-talented performers on violin, clarinet, mandolin, accordion, bass, and drums, the group plays traditional Eastern European dance tunes, ranging from frenzied freylekhs to tranquil tantsn, plus many original compositions, arrangements, and improvisations, building on its klezmer roots and fusing with a variety of traditional and contemporary musical styles.


Richard Teitelbaum

Composer and electronic musician Richard Teitelbaum was born in NYC in 1939. Teitelbaum studied with composers Luigi Nono and Goffredo Petrassi in Italy on a Fullbright scholarship, after which he brought the first Moog synthesizer to Europe. Teitelbaum performed hundreds of concerts with it, and co-founded the pioneering live electronic music group Musica Elettronica Viva with Frederic Rzewski and Alvin Curran in Rome, 1966.


Rob Burger

Born in New York, composer and performer Rob Burger built his musical reputation in the Bay Area during the 1990’s, after having received his formal education at the University of Massachusetts in improvisation and classical piano. It was en route to the West Coast that Rob picked up the accordion as a natural extension of his piano studies, and shortly thereafter, that he kicked off his professional career toting his squeezebox alongside the other Bill Frisell Band members on the jazz luminary’s North American and European tours.


Robyn Helzner Trio

Mastering a repertoire of authentic Jewish music from five corners of the Jewish world – in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, Russian, and English - the Robyn Helzner Trio showcases the evocative melodies and rhythms that make up the vast Jewish cultural landscape. Their rich vocal harmonies and dynamic instrumental arrangements of new and traditional songs resonate across all cultural boundaries. From Beijing to Boston and Moscow to Miami, their winning combination of song, style and artistry has established the Trio as a leading interpreter of World Jewish Music.


Sagol 59

Sagol 59 is widely recognized as the Godfather of the Israeli hip-hop movement and the person responsible for building the community from the ground up. Being one of the first MCs on the Israeli hip hop scene and a respected music journalist for Israeli publications such as Kol Haair, Dofeck Music Magazine and Haair, Sagol has rightfully claimed his place as Israel’s preeminent hip-hop authority. His 2000 debut album, The Blue Period, chronicles his struggle towards becoming the revered lyricist he is today.


Sarah Aroeste

Sarah Aroeste is best known for her innovative fusion of Spanish, Mediterranean and American musical traditions. Inspired by her family\\\'s cultural heritage--with Sephardic family roots orginally from Spain and later settling in Salonika, Greece-- the Aroeste sound combines and updates aspects from her unique family background.


Saul Kaye


Shelley Hirsch

Shelley Hirsch is \"an unorthodox, extraordinary fusion of vocalist, composer, and performance artist \" (Anne LeBaron) whose work encompasses story telling pieces, staged performances, compositions, improvisations, collaborations, installations, and radioplays, which have been presented on 5 continents.


Shelly Posen

Shelley Posen s a Canadian Jewish songwriter and performer. Shelley\'s approach to \"Jewish music\" is unlike anything recorded or performed today. As a songwriter whose idols include Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Noel Coward, Dave Frishberg, and W.S. Gilbert, he writes elegant, witty, and sophisticated songs about Jewish experience. And while Shelley has recorded some songs with a klezmer sound and feel, his writing styles are as varied as one might expect from someone who grew up in Toronto during the golden age of do-wop and rock-and-roll, the end of old Broadway, the beginning of the folksong revival, and the Calypso craze. Echoes of all of these are to be heard on his two Jewish CDs, Manna and Menorah.



Shir is the complete Jewish music group - Klezmer, Israeli, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Yiddish, Ladino and Simcha music mix together to create a spontaneous, energetic, soulful and “heimische” experience, expressing their Jewish, Israeli and Polish roots. During 12 years playing together the quartet has been popular item on the UK Jewish music scene playing numerous concerts, charity events and functions, as well as tours of Spain and Holland.


Shirim Klezmer Orchestra

The members of Shirim all also perform in Naftule\'s Dream , an avant jazz/klezmer band which has recorded three albums on John Zorn\'s Tzadik /Radical Jewish Culture label. As Naftules Dream they have performed all over Europe including the Berlin, Germany Jazzfest, as well as the New York City Jazz Festival, the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival in Washington, DC and the Ashkenaz Festival of New Yiddish Culture in Toronto among others.


Sisters of Sheynville

The Sisters of Sheynville have just been named Vocal Group of the Year at the 2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards and were nominated for World Group of the Year. This soulful group revitalizes Yiddish swing and klezmer music from the golden age of the mid-20th century fused with contemporary jazz. Inspired by the Barry Sisters' Yiddish swing vocals of the 30's and 40's, this high-energy, all-female sextet features intricate three-part harmony supported by a crack ensemble of some of Toronto's leading jazz and klezmer instrumentalists.



Klezmer-hip hop maestro Socalled is a musician, producer, composer, arranger, magician, filmmaker, photographer and visual artist based in Montreal. Born in Ottawa and raised just north of there, in Chelsea, Quebec, he grew up taking piano lessons and loving funk and hip hop. When Socalled first heard klezmer music on an old Yiddish record, he was fascinated by the cool sounds he could sample to make hip hop beats. Then he realized that integrating this Jewish music from the 1930s into his songs was a way of representing himself and his cultural heritage. It enabled him bring something of his own to funk and hip hop, giving him what he calls "a real reason to make music."



Founded in 2007, SoulAviv is a four person vocal group from Santa Barbara CA, and in three short years they've performed all over North America at synagogues, JCC's, conferences, college campuses, and Jewish festivals. Singing in English and Hebrew, their music is infused with the sounds of folk, Motown, gospel, Memphis soul, and the great harmony groups of the 60's and 70's. Socially conscious lyrics mixed with Jewish heritage, spirituality, and celebration, plus a little California sunshine thrown in, make SoulAviv a unique musical experience we think you're really going to like.



Circa 2000, the four members of Soulico were just friends that loved records, liked to party and had stockpiled massive collections of rare and unique Middle Eastern vinyl. DJs Sabbo, Rob, Shimmy Sonic and Wido would sometimes spin together, but mostly alone, rocking beats that masterfully fused hip hop, reggae and dance hall to Israeli folk and disco from the 1970's. The excitement surrounding their eclectic sound was more akin to that of the underground club scene budding in Europe than anything the Middle East had experienced prior. They decided to throw a party as a group, pooling the genius of four radical DJs into one red-hot set. But what to call it?


Steve Lieberman, The Gangsta Rabbi

A legend in his own right, the Gangsta Rabbi is a one man machine: playing flute, bass (backwards and upside down) and a myriad of percussion machines and pedals. He has recorded and self-released 16 records to date, and with JDub behind his 17th release, Lieberman's self-styled “pit-bash revolt” has finally come to fruition.


Steven Bernstein

Steven Bernstein is a trumpeter/slide trumpeter, bandleader, arranger, and composer who lives outside of musical convention. His band Sex Mob has been together 10 years touring the world, won numerous awards, and has had their music featured on MTV, Saturday Night Live and NPR. Sexotica, recorded for Thirsty Ear's Blue series, and produced by Good and Evil, will be released in August. Their last recording, Dime Grind Palace (Ropeadope), features legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd.



Three young, innovative Israeli composers/ performers explore the roots of Hebrew prayer and song in their ancient and modern expressions in an attempt to adapt it, on the one hand, to the changing patterns of life over time and, on the other, to the expression of each individual. They navigate in the multicultural soundscape of 21st-century Israel and present a unique interpretation of various traditional and modern Jewish materials (sacred Hebrew poetry from North Africa and the Middle East, Hassidic Niggunim, modern secular Hebrew poetry and more), original musical and literary compositions. Established in 2000, the members of the Tafillalt ensemble gathered during their study with Israeli composer/educator Prof. André Hajdu in Jerusalem.


Ted Reichman

"...if you spend five minutes with Ted, you know he's the kind of guy you'd want to hear ramble on a blog. aside from being an awesome musician--check out his new disc, "My Ears Are Bent" on Skirl; it's a beautiful, eccentric and subtle record that exists in some harmonious nether-region between meticulous pop, electronica, jazz and classical music..."- Hank Shteamer


The Klezical Tradition

The Klezical Tradition Klezmer Ensemble (Traditional klezmer featuring clarinet, fiddle, bass, vocal, percussion) AND FleytMuzik ensemble (featuring klezmer flute, cimbalom, violin, bass)

The Klezmatics

The Klezmatics are world-renowned superstars of the klezmer world. They erupted out of New York Citys East Village in 1986 and revitalized klezmer for the new century. Their klezmer is one steeped in Jewish spiritualism and Eastern European tradition while incorporating more provocative themes such as social rights and anti-fundamentalism with eclectic musical influences such as gospel, punk, and Arab, African, and Balkan rhythms. Over the course of nearly twenty years, they have released six albums of wild, spiritual, provocative, reflective, and ecstatically danceable music, forever redefining and transcending traditional labels.


The LeeVees

Two nice Jewish guys have taken up the important task of writing a bunch of great, rockin’ Hanukah songs. Adam Gardner (Guster) and Dave Schneider (the Zambonis) have joined forces and started a band called the LeeVees, and they have a new album of sweet and rockin’ indie-pop songs solely about Channuka called “Hanukkah Rocks.” Yes, every song is about Chanuka. Some say such a concept is a bit obsessive but Adam and Dave prefer the phrase “extremely focused.”


The Macaroons

What's inside a mezuzah? What should you do if you drop your matzoh ball on the ground? Who's the man we love to boo? The Macaroons address these important questions on their delicious debut album, 'Let's Go Coconuts.' The Macaroons love big harmonies, irresistible melodies and a guitar-based sound that recalls everything from the Kinks to Queen to the Shins. A spin-off of the critically acclaimed band, The LeeVees, the Macaroons bring the catchy pop-rock with tunes like "Hurry Up And Light The Candle" and "Mezuzah." Super-fun music for the young ones that parents will love too.


The Naming

Dardashti unites the Persian classical music that made her grandfather an icon in Iran with her family's deep connection to Jewish poetry and song, creating electronica-edged Middle Eastern music that springs from where the midrash meets midwifery, where modal melody meets sleek modernity. For Dardashti, the stories of the women in her songs intertwine with her own Iranian familys tales of women breaking the rules as well as those of women in the Middle East today fighting to have their voices heard. The stories also echo through Dardashtis personal story, in her recent transition into motherhood. Concerts feature vivid video art and live dance.

The Oren Neiman Quartet

Guitarist Oren Neiman's music is both innovative and in the forefront of today's jazz styles, as well as being celebrated for his technical precision. His compositions explore a combination of Jazz sensibility with Middle Eastern rhythms and melody.


The Other Europeans

The Other Europeans is an international gathering of fourteen leading Klezmer (Yiddish) and Lautari (Roma) musicians. Created and directed by Alan Bern, this new intercultural supergroup is creating powerful, deeply emotional and virtuosic music that restores a centuries-old cooperation between two groups who cohabited many of the same spaces in eastern Europe (particularly present-day Moldova) before being torn apart by war, Holocaust and immigration. Bringing together some of the most distinguished soloists from seven countries, The Other Europeans band is building new cultural relationships between two peoples who are often considered marginally European, but have played a major role in creating and transmitting European musical traditions. Many misconceptions have existed about Jewish and Roma cultures and their relationship. Now musicians from both worlds have come together to research and demystify their connected cultures and create a new heritage; an exciting contribution to a shared new European and Cosmopolitan identity. Featuring klezmer musicians Alan Bern (piano, accordion, musical direction), Dan Blacksberg (trombone), Paul Brody (trumpet), Matt Darriau (flute, saxophone, clarinet), Christian Dawid (clarinet, saxophone), Stanislav Rayko (violin), Mark Rubin (tuba, double bass), and Aaron Alexander (percussion), and lautar musicians Kalman Baloqh (cimbalom). Marin Bunea (violin), Csaba Novak (double bass), Peter Ralchev (accordion), Adrian Receanu (clarinet), and Adam Stinga (trumpet).


The Shuk

The Shuk is an internationally acclaimed, Israel-based ensemble of musicians and educators who use music as a means to excite and educate people and communities both in Israel around the world about Jewish & Israeli society, culture & identity. Through interactive and experiential musical performances, concerts, workshops, and lectures, The Shuk bridges the gap between audience and performer, creating memorable life experiences. Establish in August 2008 at the Paideia Project Incubator in Stokholm, Sweden -- a program designed for artists dedicated to the revival of Jewish culture in Europe -- The Shuk has and continues to touch the lives of thousands upon thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds across the world. The Shuk has appeared in prominent festivals, concerts, music venues, conferences, universities, synagogues and events across Israel, North America, Greece, Serbia, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, U.K., Bulgaria, Croatia amongst others. Performances, concerts, workshops and lectures by The Shuk have included collaboration together with The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), The World Zionist Organization (WZO), The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Taglit-Birthright Israel, The Jewish Federation, Israel National Fund along with many other prominent organizations. Cooperation and partnership with The Shuk create a special synergy, empowering both individuals and communities worldwide to strengthen Jewish affiliation. Together, The Shuk presents tangible and exciting ways to preserve, perpetuate, and innovate Jewish society.


The Sway Machinery

With its unique combination of rhythmic power and potent folklore The Sway Machinery takes no prisoners. Inspired by the rich tradition of Jewish cantorial music, band leader Jeremiah Lockwood of Balkan Beat Box fame infuses his new arrangements of traditional Yiddish, Aramaic and Hebrew songs with a healthy dose of new world inflections (blues, rock 'n' roll, afro pop) creating a frenzied yet sophisticated high octane sound. The band has featured an unusually accomplished line-up of New York musical luminaries, including drummer Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, bass saxophonist Colin Stetson of Arcade Fire and the Tom Waits' Band, and the trumpet and tenor sax horn section of the band Antibalas, Jordan McLean and Stuart Bogie.


The Wailing Wall

"There's an undeniable poetry to Rifkin's words...What's more impressive than Rifkin's introspective voyage, however, is the confident way he flits from tabla and sitar vibes on 'Bones Become Rainbows' to the austere guy-with-guitar of 'For C.M.R.' (where he manages to out-nasal Dylan), or from the sunny folk-rock of 'Dandelion' to the harmonium bliss of 'Fear No Apple, Fear No Flood.' These songs flow together with convincing inspiration."


Tim Sparks

Tim Sparks is an award-winning guitarist whose blending of musical styles has won him extensive praise from all corners of the music world. Guitar Player Magazine has called his music "Fresh, exotic, and totally cool.", Acoustic Guitar Magazine calls it "rich and sensuous", and guitarist Leo Kottke simply says "He's really one of the best musicians I know." From the early traditional country blues and gospel music he learned in the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Jazz, Be Bop, classical and world music from his varied career across the U. S. and Europe, Tim has thrilled and inspired audiences and musicians world-wide.


Tomer Yosef

Tomer Yosef was born and raised in the small town of Kfar Saba, Israel, just east of Tel Aviv. He began his artistic career as a stand-up comedian in the 90’s and performed live across Israel, gradually branching out into TV, radio, and ultimately feature films. However, like many Israelis, he felt stifled in the small Middle Eastern country, and moved to New York City in 1998. There he connected with fellow Israeli-expat, Itamar Ziegler, and started the 9 piece band Zion Train. Though short lived, it was his first contact with what would later become Balkan Beat Box (Itamar is now BBB’s bassist). 3 years later, BBB producer and drummer Tamir Muskat produced Tomer’s first album Say Something, which received critical praise in Israel as an innovative hybrid of reggae and Israeli rock, but his unique musical voice had yet to really shine. He began work on his second album in a home studio in 2003, but was sidetracked by requests for his songwriting and production skills, and ultimately by the formation of Balkan Beat Box.


Trio C tot de derde

The Dutch music group Trio C tot de derde consists of the three young musicians Carel den Hertog (violin), Coos Lettink (accordeon) and Caspar Terra (clarinet). The music they play is inspired by klezmer, music from the Balkans and gypsy-music. They create their own unique sound, performing traditional melodies in a particular and often unexpected way. Since the boy’s enjoy improvisation so much, no musical piece ever sounds twice the same. While improvising, the members of Trio C tot de derde are playfully challenging each other to virtuosity and lyrical sounds. The music they play expresses euphoric happiness, as well as intense sadness, which means music for dancing, but also for dreaming.


Trio Klezele

Klezele (which in Yiddish means little klez) is born out of a shared passion for Klezmer music. After many years of working under such renowned musicians as David Krakauer, Merlin Shepherd, Giora Feidman or Franck London, this young trio graduated from the Conservatoire National Suprieur de Musique de Paris is on a constant quest for authenticity. Their instrumental technique is devoted to all that is the essence of this music: unusual ornamentation, choice of musical mode, improvisation, fantasy, fun and festivity. Klezele gives concerts regularly in France and around the world, including in the U.K., Spain, Russia, Israel, Lithuania, and Taiwan.


Uri Gurvich


Vent d'Ouest Klezmer Band

Since its founding in Normandy in 2002, Vent Douest Klezmer Band has shared its love of music and music-making with numerous audiences. Their talent and positive energy pervade both live performances and recordings with characteristic originality, simplicity, and joy. Evolving over the years from a gypsy jazz band, todays quartet has a klezmer focus largely thanks to its two newest members, but various genres inform their repertoire, with influences from Central and Eastern Europe, jazz, and, of course, klezmer. Their music is alternately soft, feverish, inflamed or intimate, bringing a rich, diverse palette of sounds and inspiring, first and foremost, immense happiness.


Wolf Krakowski

"For years, Wolf Krakowski wrote and sang his legendary songs without committing them to record, becoming an underground giant. When, in 1997, he released the CD Transmigrations: Gilgul on his own Kame'a Media label, he sent shockwaves through the world of the contemporary Yiddish avant-garde that are still being felt. Frank London produced Wolf's album Goyrl: Destiny for John Zorn's Tzadik label."


Yair Dalal

One of Israel’s leading musicians, oud and violin virtuoso Yair Dalal is highly-acclaimed in World Music circles. Dalal’s unique artistry reflects his extensive musical skills in both classical and Arabic music, as well as his strong affinity for the desert and its inhabitants. Dalal’s family came to Israel from Baghdad and his Iraqi roots are embedded in his musical work. Dalal creates new Middle Eastern music by interweaving the traditions of Iraqi and Jewish Arabic music with a range of influences originating from such diverse cultural milieus as the Balkans and India. Dalal also devotes his efforts to preserving endangered musical heritages such as Babylonian music and the music of the Bedouin (the Sinai desert nomads). In addition to his musical work, Dalal is a committed peace activist, working to remove ideological barriers between different cultures and, in particular between Jews and Arabs. Yair Dalal will perform as a special guest artist with a number of ensembles during the Ashkenaz Festival, including Gerard Edery’s Caravan Ensemble and Divahn, and will appear in the Slichot service and the Sephardic and Mizrachi Cabaret.


Yale Strom

Yale Strom (violin, composer, filmmaker, writer, photographer, playwright) is a pioneer among revivalists in conducting extensive field research in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans among the Jewish and Rom communities. Initially, his work focused primarily on the use and performance of klezmer music among these two groups. Gradually, his focus increased to examining all aspects of their culture, from post-World War II to the present. From more than 2 decades and 75 such research expeditions, Strom has become the world's leading ethnographer-artist of klezmer music and history


Yiddish Princess

What happens when traditional Yiddish song is married with 80s power pop and hard rock? Ashkenaz audiences will discover the answer with the Canadian debut of NYCs strangest and most exciting new Jewish music act, Yiddish Princess. Combining the soaring vocals of Sarah Gordon with the irreverent arrangements of klez-clarinet-killer turned synth-mad-man Michael Winograd, Yiddish Princess is completed by a double guitar onslaught and arena rock drum/bass rhythm section. This bizarre yet compelling re-imagination of Yiddish music rocks out without leaving the shlock out. Featuring Sarah Gordon (vocals), Mike Winograd (keyboard), Avi Fox-Rosen (guitar), Chris Berry (drums), Ari Fulman-Cohen (bass) and Yoshie Fruchter (guitar).


Yoni Eilat

Yoni Eilat, actor and singer, is a graduate of "Beit Zvi", academy of performing arts in Israel, and has been performing for over ten years in various theater and musical productions. He is mostly known for his Israeli song performances ("shira betzibur") and, most recently, for his solo-performances in Yiddish. He is a member of the Yiddishpiel Theater's ensemble, the Israeli National Yiddish Theater, and has recently directed two small musical productions there. In 2007 he won the Yiddishpiel award for his contributions. In 2010 he released his first album "Zigayner Neshume": Yiddish versions of gypsy folk music.



An American poet and musician whose musical interests focus on percussion. Now a U.K.-based sound artist, has been a pioneer in industrial music since the 1970s. After studying various world music traditions at CalArts, he began creating his own percussion sounds out of industrial materials for a variety of small yet intrepid record labels, including a commission from John Zorn.




Zeena Parkins

Zeena Parkins, multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, well-known as a pioneer of the electric harp, has also extended the language of the acoustic harp with the inventive use of unusual playing techniques, preparations, and layers of digital and analog processing. Zeena makes use of anything within reach as a possible tool with which she can enhance the sonic capabilities of her harps. She accurately describes her harp as a "sound machine of limitless capacity" and has used, household objects and hardware store finds, including: alligator clips, nails, rubber erasers, rubber tubing, felt, bows, metal candy lids, over sized metal bolts, hair clips, glass jars, discarded strings, as well as more conventional: leslie cabinets, guitar pedals, and numerous other digital processing hardware and assorted and varied software.

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